As qualified primary school teachers we can offer quality first teaching/tutoring in all primary school subjects. 

We have experience teaching across the age ranges from early years to year 6 including preparation for both key stage 1 and 2 SATs alongside 11 and 13+ entrance exams. Our aim is to provide a personalised educational program for your child tailored around their needs. Sessions can be planned in consultation with parents/carers and teachers to create a detailed profile of your child’s academic targets. We set realistic and achievable goals to promote success and build confidence by designing individual positive learning experiences using a range of techniques and learning styles. As well as helping children to access the National Curriculum, our program also aims to develop children’s concentration, motivation and self-esteem. We can support a range of children in various situations:

· Specific and unspecific special needs

· Autism and Asperger’s syndrome

· Looked after children

· Children in children’s homes/foster care awaiting school placements

· School refusers

· Children involved in domestic violence

· Gifted and Talented children

Our tutoring package can also include sessions with parents; guiding them on current school requirements, curriculum content, exam advice and behaviour management support.

In addition to the bespoke academic programs described above we can also provide a tutoring service for children that are new to English and the English schooling system. Our team of highly qualified staff includes teachers trained in teaching English as an additional language to all levels of English acquisition. As with all our educational programs each child will have an individually designed set of sessions that cater for their specific needs and targets. The developing English sessions can run alongside or be incorporated into any of our other services if required.

School Services

 We offer a comprehensive English/Literacy CPD package based on many years as SLT, co-ordinators and assistant heads in London primary schools. We can support both teaching and support staff with delivering the English National Curriculum in any areas including: grammar, spelling, creative writing, handwriting, SATs preparation and reading. Our team also includes an Advanced Skills Teacher qualified to support staff with planning, differentiation, marking, delivery and questioning skills in a professional and supportive manner. 

Theraputic Services


Our qualified and experienced child and young person counsellor offers emotional and therapeutic support in primary and secondary schools as well as in private practice. We children’s resilience through talking, creative work and play. We help children and young people to cope with wide-ranging and often complex issues including bullying, bereavement, family breakdown and trauma.

We also offer parent/carer therapy with clients and families. We are flexible in my approach to accommodating the needs of working parents. We work closely with teachers and parents both privately and in schools.

Our understanding of teaching, learning and schools as organisations has also led to delivering whole school and parent development sessions in schools around mental health and resilience.